Paella vessel made from enamelled cast iron.

Not suitable for use over open fires. Not suitable for dishwashers – simply wipe down with warm water using a non-abrasive cloth.

Large: 6cm high, 30cm diam. – £90

Small: 4cm high, 30cm diam. – £32


Tagine is supplied in wooden box for safe handling during delivery and when not in use.

MÈZË is a range of contemporary and functional products formed from traditional materials such as stone, wood, ceramics, and cork. They are handmade by experienced and reliable designers who respect the materials. Objects are designed for the everyday, as well as special occasions. The range, including bowls, plates, boards and trays, are typical of the Iberian and Mediterranean regions of local and naturally inspired food.

Designs also include a series of enamelled cast iron vessels based on the ancient cooking techniques of tagine, cocotte and paella based food dishes. These traditional cooking techniques are given a modern twist, and potentially allow the vessels to be used for cooking other food dishes. Wooden knob handles with integrated magnets allow the user to detach the handle when not is use. The vessel complete with lid can be placed in the oven and on its removal, the hot lid safely removed by using the magnetic wooden knob. An innovative take on a traditional way of life.